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Primary advantages

Down-to-earth attitude, well-trained staff, and state-of-the-art facilities—are our primary advantages to execute orders precisely and create the best value. Our instrument valves and fittings are specially processed to provide bubble tight connection and endurable service lives.

How we work
How we work
How we QC
  • Valves are 1.5 times pressure rating tested with water.
  • Maximum hydrostatic test to 20000 psi
  • Nitrogen test to 3000 psi maximum
  • Tube fitting burst test to 20,000 psi maximum
  • Heat no. traceability available
pic 1 On-site inspection and measurement are thoroughly conducted.   pic 2 Hydrostatic test with water to 1.5 times maximum working pressure prior to shipment.
pic 3 Vision measurement to control dimensional accuracy.   pic 4 Leakage can be detected by reading the graph.
pic 5 Multi-function CNC measuring equipment to measure taper, parallel, roundness and concentricity.   pic 6 Nitrogen generator & testing bench for gas tight test.
pic 7 Measuring roughness of surface to assure a perfect seal in service.   pic 8 Life cycle test to ensure consistent quality.
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