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Valve Manifold

Valve Manifold

Block & Bleed Valve

Product ID: 2VM01 ( Block & Bleed Valve, 6000 psi )

Valve manifolds, originating from needle valves, are applied to pressure transmitters, switches or gauges. It provides an efficient calibration or change of the instrument. In general, there are 2, 3 and 5 valve manifold with the different functions by identifying the color of the caps: The blue part is Isolate Valve. The green part refers to Equalize Valve. The red part presents Vent Valve. The differences of the colour enable users to use the products without misleading operation. 

As a leading manufacturer, our manifolds are well designed to work in severe conditions and intended to serve a wild range of requirements. In application, valve manifold can reduce the number of components to save costs and decrease the possible leak points. This product is one of the good examples of the integration of technical, precision facilities and management system.  It provides a variety of inlet and outlet connections. Process and instrument connections are either threaded or flanged.  2VM01S series 2 manifolds combine isolating, venting and calibrating facilities in a single unit. A 1/4”NPT vent port fitted with a plug as standard.

We not only supply the types and configurations shown but also accept custom-made orders for particular application. Every single process to produce 2- 3- 5 valve manifold is based on strict quality controls to achieve the highest performance. 


  • 6000 psi
  • 316 SS 
  • Size: 1/4”NPT, 1/2”NPT
  • PTFE packings
  • Max. pressure rating: 6000 psi, 10000 psi at 38℃
  • Max. temperature rating: 240℃
  • Thread: NPT, BSPT, BSPP
  • End connection: male x male, male x female, female x female
  • Orifice:




  • A single compact unit combines isolating, calibrating and venting facilities
  • Utilized to reduce the number of components to save costs and decrease the possible leak points
  • 1/4”NPT vent port is plugged as standard and facilitates the installation of exhaust piping or tubing
  • Non-rotating stem plug moves axially into and out of the seat without rotation to eliminate seat galling
  • The stem threads of the valve manifold are rolled and lubricated to prevent galling and reduce operating torque
  • Mirror stem finish in the packing area enables smooth operation and extends packing life
  • Stem packing below the threads prevents lubricant washout, thread corrosion and the contaminant from entering the thread area
  • PTFE packing can be easily adjusted by loosening lock nut, tightening adjuster slightly and then retightening lock nut to increase valve life
  • Safety back seating provides a metal to metal secondary stem seal when the valve is fully open and also prevents stem blowout while in operation
  • Dust cap is fitted to contain stem lubricant and prevent the ingress of contaminants
  • Body to bonnet seal is metal to metal to constantly give a seal point
  • A lock pin is installed to prevent accidental removal while in service
  • 100% factory tested prior to shipment
  • Material traceability of the body is available

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